What is Ventown?

Ventown is a provider of cloud-based platforms that can be customized for regional and local news publishers and other leading community enterprises, making it practical for them to become the central point on the Internet for the communities they serve. Community inclusiveness, cross-channel interaction, and a family of fully integrated Internet Marketing programs for local advertisers are unique to the Ventown platform. When combined with news readership, it’s a game-changing paradigm in the competition for advertising dollars.

What is the Local Ecosystem?

Local news publishers and leading enterprises can aggregate all voices of the community on their Ventown platform, unlocking huge value. Reporting on local issues and policy, the announcement of neighborhood events, and posts from neighbors, friends, bloggers, civic organizations and community businesses all grow the publisher’s principle revenue source by attracting more users and maximizing ecosystem profits. We have a set of digital interfaces for external partners to cross-post their content and for local users to create customized content feeds based on their areas of interest, from news items to products and services.

What is the Launch Methodology?

Our team can launch a new network in the span of three-four weeks. We’ve made it very simple to adopt the Ventown platform. We will train you and be there with you as you launch. As Ventown operates under a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business model, we’re responsible for the software that makes Ventown run, further software development and operation of the servers. You are responsible for advertising sales, which is augmented with our extensive online capability to sign-up new advertisers, and manage existing advertisers and automatic billing.

What is the Business Model?

All advertising revenues go to you, and you set prices for advertising. Advertisers can use Ventown to build their own Internet marketing programs directly to customers where the advertiser has the readers’ contact info as well as paid access to those users with the right profile from Ventown. Ventown is compensated based upon a monthly fixed fee that includes 100 advertisers for free plus additional fees based upon the number of advertisers as you scale. In some instances, there will be additional charges for Ventown making software changes based upon your requests.