Community Features

Grow your audience, increase web traffic, provide great customer experiences

1. Carve out your territory

Start with a map to delineate your community’s real-world boundaries. We then use the boundaries to create a geofence, or virtual perimeter, to connect people within your community. You can choose from pre-defined boundaries, use polygon drawing tools to define your boundaries, or upload the coordinates for your city, town, county, region or neighborhood.

2. Drive community connections

All information and interactions on Ventown are synced within the boundaries of a real-world community. This drives trusted connections and makes people want to contribute to the community. Real-world connections are the most valuable and remarkable connections we can have.

3. Leverage your own outreach to build community

You have the tools you need to invite your email contacts and social media connections to join your community. Downloading email addresses or a CSV file can be done in seconds and we’ve included a standard invitation email template or you can write your own. Just click on the Invitation links on your dashboard and easily expand the number of members in your community.

4. Share news, information, events, photos and videos

Community is the lifeblood of your network on Ventown. Members build user profiles, connections (follow relationships) and a data streams (activity feeds) where they identify which types of community group news and/or merchant offers they are interested in, and their preference on how they want to be notified of these via TXT, Email, Twitter, Facebook, or personal home page and mobile app.

5. Keep people abreast of postings

You can propagate community information everywhere and let members control how and when they receive messages – whether by web, mobile app, email, text or social feeds. Making it more convenient for members makes it easier for them to engage.

6. Run community sponsorships & fundraisers

Create sponsorship and fundraising pages, share the pages with members’ friends and family via email and social media using customizable invitations, and accept in-kind and cash donations with 100% of proceeds staying in the community.

7. Build bridges to businesses & organizations

Join forces with businesses & organizations in the community using joint events and cause-related sponsorships. Cross-promotion can help your community successfully expand though each other’s connections.

8. Manage roles, settings and who’s posting

Moderate and guide conversations, manage users, and remove content.

9. Tie your brand to your community

News publishers are deeply connected to the communities in which they’re located. In a community, members can interact with businesses & organizations and with each other to share ideas, get answers to their questions, and give recommendations to the broader community. These are a few of the ways that you can collaborate for success.

10. Shopping Directory

Users can pinpoint and search for business within a shopping district and businesses can connect with their target customers in real-time and cross-promote with other member businesses.

11. Community analytics

Get real-time reports detailing community activity.

12. Shared posts

Deliver new posts as an activity feed, email or text message, or as an update to users’ Facebook and Twitter pages.