It will exceed the share of print media by 2018. 


    Our local advertising provides access to local audiences for national, regional and local marketers.


    There’s never been a better time for Ventown. You’ll be earning your share in no time.

Marketing Automation & Cross Channel Delivery

Satisfy incredibly high advertiser expectations, cultivate their relationship with local communities, reign supreme

1. Drive in-store sales

Your advertisers manage a suite of tools that make it easy to improve targeting, location-based marketing, word-of-mouth, and promotional content (offers, events, announcements or real-time deals) that entice customers to shop at their stores and allows them to directly connect in a way that wasn’t feasible before.

2. Business Profile

Your advertisers showcase their businesses with a Place Page and in your Marketplace, and improve search results.

3. Easily reach people on multiple channels

Your advertisers will serve customers better by giving them the choice of receiving what information they want, when and where they choose to receive it. Advertisers get mobile, location and community content channels, embedded Facebook and Twitter feeds, text and email fully integrated. Each channel enables them to interact with people in different ways, broadening their audience and appeal.

4. Build a large database of connected customers

It’s fast and easy to reach a network of local consumers and businesses with far larger combined reach. Advertisers can ask existing email subscribers and social media followers to connect by downloading their email addresses into a CSV file or syncing their address book and using our Invite features. Their Place Page (Connect button), events and time limited offers (RSVP buttons) act like functional email capture forms that automatically add users to their contact list, categorized by location and their preferred means of sharing communications.

5. Brand with the template creator

Advertisers tailor their promotions to the look and feel of their company and sync on all devices and channels.

6. Send people to your advertisers’ websites

Advertisers draw more people to their websites by getting more of their business’ information online. Content and social media posts influence rankings on Google, and in combination, increase qualified referral leads.

7. Target people connected to your community

Communities are the lifeblood of social networks and advertisers’ strongest channel because they create very strong relationships with customers. Content targeted to communities has much higher response rates and drives word-of-mouth. You can setup a community for your city, town, region, county, neighborhood or shopping area.

8. Engage mobile app users

Mobile is built-in because people are ever more wedded to their smartphones but here it’s also based on a simple principle: providing a fast, easy, enjoyable experience. Mobile shoppers are actively looking for apps that include other local businesses and a collective set of features that are useful both to your advertisers. This might just be their best option for maximizing exposure to mobile users.

9. Shared posts

Advertisers deliver posts as an activity feed, email or text message, or as an update to Facebook and Twitter pages.

10. Bring word-of-mouth online

WOMMs (word-of-mouth messages) are the easiest way to communicate on Ventown. They increase exposure, audience and in-store traffic just like the good old days. WOMMs are the best ‘ads’ – 94% of consumers trust them over company advertising and much more so than anonymous reviews.

11. Collaborate with other local businesses

Advertisers are stronger together when they join up with other local businesses. They can connect and collaborate to extend collective reach while providing a valued local resource for your audiences in a Shopping Community. Customers get the mobile and social shopping tools they want, while helping your community thrive. Invite local business owners you know to join you. The more local businesses you invite, the more power shifts to your local business community.

12. Highlight community outreach

Sponsorships & Fundraisers are a community feature that let’s advertisers run, organize or contribute to a cause-related event. Participation gains them prominent placement on your area’s Leaderboard. Sponsorships & Fundraisers are great loyalty tools and one of the few ways to ‘do well by doing good’ since 90% of shoppers are likely to buy from businesses that support a good cause.

13. Manage multiple locations from a single dashboard

Advertisers manage all their business locations in one place with a single sign on. They can send a unified message to all locations or different messages from each business to build deeper relationships with customers, partners and the communities they serve.

14. Measurements & Insights

a. Dropdown: Monitor real time reports detailing activity and how your posts are working for you and your advertisers.